Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Spiders in the Garage


I spent an evening this summer photographing the two gigantic spiders in the garage. I forbade anybody dispatching them to spider heaven because I wanted the photos. And besides, they were fascinating to watch as they grew. They were noticeably bigger each day. Killing them would've been a messy, squishy business. They don't look so big in these photos, but trust me. Grown men would scream when they quickly spun down from the ceiling of the garage onto the heads of both family and guests. These two spiders have not been identified. I leave that for later. This coming summer I am going to be doing a pictorial essay on the life of a barn spider (which may be the species of the top spider). A bug person at has asked me to do that. And since Charlotte of Charlotte's Web was a barn spider, the project has a certain appeal for me. I used a tripod and flash on these photos. For more exif data, click the photo and then click on the “Actions” dropdown menu on the top right of the photo page. You can see that I am now watermarking my photos. These is to deter theft. Sorry if the watermark is intrusive.



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  1. Good evening. I don't know how you do it but you make something that generally creeps me out look so beautiful. I had to look.


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