Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Single Impression: Deserted

Coyote appears
peeper song deserts the bog
blackbirds screak alarm

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The bog is greening up at the outer edges. Male red-winged blackbirds stand guard on the bare, drowned trees. The females, the color of the dry cattails, will stay mostly hidden from view. The birds are beginning nesting activity. Coyote, fox, mink, fisher, crows and hawks will try to grab the baby blackbirds. Deer will give birth in the meadow beside the bog because the grasses grow so tall that the fawns are not visible even when they stand up. This is the first photo of the bog taken with my Canon Rebel XSi. Yes! It came on Friday! I'll be using the Canon and the Kodak while I learn how to use the new camera.

I want to thank you all for your patience with me as I have not been visiting your poetry. I have had some unfortunate and sad events in my life in the past two weeks and have not had the heart to do anything except photography and posting. Somehow those activities comfort and soothe me; perhaps because of their familiarity. And Sandy? Thank you for sustaining me on dark nights. It made all the difference to me and I'll never forget your kindnesses.

I have been reading Ackworth Born's book The Art of Haiku and I feel that the first two articles have helped me understand and enjoy haiku more than any other information I have read. I will be finishing this book and reviewing it on One Single Impression as soon as possible. In the meantime, I suggest that you click this link and purchase the book. It is a valuable resource. I hope you enjoyed my poem.



  1. I have Red-winged blackbirds nesting in the cat-tails at my pond. the male is very busy chasing everyone and thing away. I hope all is going better for you. MB

  2. Wow! This haiku really packs in the emotion. We should all watch out for predators.

  3. All songs deserts the Swamp when to Red-Tailed Hawk hunts.

    I hope you are feeling less sad as the week progesses.

  4. Andree, lovely haiku this week! I had to look up screak... good use of the word! Excellent job! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Andree, congratulations on the new camera. Lovely haiku today. I will hold you in my prayers and wish you comfort in your pain.

  6. Oh. Wow. Silence follows this strong poem and stills me to the bone. Wonderful, Andree. God bless.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  7. ..hi Andree[New Cam-congrats!]-from a non-poetic angle,ur lines display _Perfect Shot Division( a film maker's view point)
    Coyote appears-{shot 1}
    peeper song deserts the bog-{shot 2}
    blackbirds screak alarm-{shot3}..but surely the haiku is nice/ur picture great!..many thanks!!

  8. I like the word "screak" - sounds like a combination of "screech", "scream" "shriek" and "squawk".

    The book by Gerald is an excellent resource and well recommended.

  9. Nice place, and a nice poem. We are starting to see coyotes here, too.

  10. That is a great way to describe the life in a swamp. Love it and the new word you gave me, screak.

  11. yes!! a fantastic twist on 'deserted' in the cycle of life. love the use of the word 'screak'!

  12. Just all round lovely!

    Smiled when I saw you have a new camera. I have my first digital camera and even wrote a poem to clebrate my first pic! It's a great feeling being able to create pic and poem!


  13. I have the impression that the blackbirds song makes the place seem even more deserted.

  14. Your poem puts me there. I feel the sudden silence.

    The photo is beautiful.
    I really enjoy reading everyones poems, especially when accompanied with photography.


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