Tuesday, November 15, 2011

American Lappet Moth Larva

American Lappet Moth Larva (Phyllodesma americana)-21.jpg
Phyllodesma americana

I saw this caterpillar at the Barton Public Library this past July and spent a happy time photographing it. bugguide.net writes that this animal is "rare but locally common." I have no idea what that means! You may not be able to see the red stripes because only they are shown "when stretched out or alarmed, [the caterpillar] exposes bright orange band across top of second and third thoracic segments."

American Lappet Moth from http://wildflowers.jdcc.edu/American_Lappet.html

American Lappet Moth Larva (Phyllodesma americana)-29.jpg

American Lappet Moth Larva (Phyllodesma americana)-46.jpg

American Lappet Moth Larva (Phyllodesma americana)-54.jpg



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