Friday, November 26, 2010

The Old Yellow Birch

Old, giant yellow birch (1)
Betula alleghaniensis

In August, John and I hiked up our side of Barton Mountain to see where the bears live. They are all over here at night eating apples and cherries, leaving tracks and scat. We saw evidence of their dens in the cliffs. You can't go further than the cliffs here on this side. At the base of the cliffs grows several ancient yellow birch. This one is a beauty and is habitat to many animals.

This fall, a man was hunting "our" bears with dogs. He was following the progress of the dogs with a radio receiver. The transmitters were on the dogs' collars. He also had other men on the mountain trailing the dogs. I was pretty mad at all of this, but John said it was pretty darn impossible for the dogs to get the bears up there. The man told me that there were also cubs of different ages there. I never saw evidence of him getting a bear, and there was nothing in the newspaper.


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