Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Spider

Unidentified spider

Walking through the apple orchard while tracking the bears that love to eat the apples, we walked into a humongous spider web. We backed out of it carefully (hoping that we didn't cause the spider to come running down our shirts) and after a lot of looking, found this spider under the leaves of the apple tree.

Audubon Guides, on Facebook, ran a Halloween contest for the scariest photograph. I entered this photograph and won a bandana. This certainly was not the scariest photograph, not even the best. But I think that I got the bandana because some people couldn't like my photograph unless they were my friends. I suspect that Audubon Guides didn't think of this until after the contest announcement. I do know that they gave away more than my bandana. Other photos got way more votes than mine. But this doesn't bother me! I love winning anything at all! Good, good spider.


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  1. Wow, that's a good spider. The hairs on his legs look like spines.


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