Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My First Hummingbird

Archilochus colubris

These are the first hummingbird photographs I have ever taken. I carefully bought a feeder that attached to the window. I thoroughly washed the window inside and out. I positioned the camera and stayed on call for hours. The tiny birds are very skittish, so I had to learn how to keep the camera nearby and how to move slowly. And then I found that the time of day on the feeder window was very important. In the mornings, the birds were backlit, so I had to take an afternoon photo.

I got everything all set up perfect, and with delight I downloaded the photos to the computer. And I nearly burst into tears. A hair had stuck to the outside of the window! I couldn't crop it out without making a bad photo worse! So here are the results. I got many other photos in the future, and I will post them. I am only now posting July photographs because I had way too much fun this summer to be sitting here editing photos! But you will see more. Soon.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds (of which this is a male), are the only hummingbird with a natura range in Vermont. Sometimes others show up, especially the Rufus. I guess they get blown into town by storms. The female Ruby-throated hummers don't have the red.

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  1. WOW andree the fotos are beautiful.... luv how you shared the process... timing is everything... and abt the hair can't you copy and paste a close by background.... ? no matter i thoroughly enjoyed the post... i so wanna get a camera something light and easy... communicating thru the sunday osi haiku signed up thr facebook and now this... great way to communicate


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