Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Harnessed Tiger Moth

Apantesis phalerata

This fellow was inside the house this summer. I captured him and carefully took him outside, placing him in a photogenic area. I then photographed him as he walked around. Then he flew away.

The first photo above shows the ferocious looking head of the moth. But the second photo above shows how the true face of the moth if camoflaged by its "fur." I have played with the shadows and light on the 2nd photo so that you can see the moth's true face.

Tiger moths are called tigers because they have cream or yellow stripes on a dark background, just like tigers. They eat plants that make them poisonous to eat both as larvae (caterpillars) and as adults (moths).

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  1. Such a pretty moth! I've never seen one before.


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