Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Four Plants Found in Westmore

Willoughby Bog Hike (56)

Bluebead lily fruit (Clintonia borealis)

Bluebead Lily Set

Willoughby Bog Hike (27)

A bracket fungus, Hoof Tinder Fungus (Fomes fomentarius). This specimen is 3 years old (because of the three layers/cracks). It is called "hoof" because it looks like a giant horse hoof.

Willoughby Bog Hike (50)

Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis)

My Bunchberry Set with photos of all stages of the life cycle.

Willoughby Bog Hike (43)

Purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea). From what I can determine, this is not endangered in Vermont. It is endangered in other states. It is also called Northern Pitcherplant. You are not allowed to pick it however, in federal wilderness areas in Vermont, and I read that it is sufficiently rare enough that you shouldn't pick it anywhere. I will have more on this plant in future posts.

Willoughby Bog Hike (31)

Shining Firmoss (Huperzia lucidula)

This is a clubmoss but not of the same genus as Ground pine. The roots of this firmoss (fir because it looks like a fir tree) creep underground. The word shining in its name refers to its bright color.

These are four plants that we found and identified on our hike in the Willoughby State Forest at the Willoughby Bog in the Westmore Town Forest. More information on the area can be found here.


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