Monday, October 18, 2010

Common Garter Snake

Common garter snake (11)

Thamnophis sirtalis

July 19, 2010; Barton, Vermont

We had quite the year for snakes. We had two species coming out of the old granite foundation of the house, and they were quite large. I like this different perspective for a photograph of a snake. I find it quite mesmerizing. The cats have not been catching any of the snakes this year, which is a good thing. Last summer, in New Hampshire, Buddy was bit in the eye by a garter snake and went blind in that eye for quite a long time. He still has occasional problems with his vision. Below is a photograph that shows how long this snake was.

Common Garter Snake (8)

July 20, 2010; Barton, Vermont


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  1. Awesome photos! What did you use for the first one (camera, lens, all that stuff.) It's really an impressive shot (and made me jump back a bit!) :)


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