Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Ferocious Furrow Spider

genus Larinioides
This lovely little furrow spider lives in my mailbox and makes every day an adventure. She used to hop over to me from the back of the mailbox — rather pesky and intimidating behavior! So one day I shooed her out of the mailbox and onto the ground. The next day, she was back! So now she lives in relative peace (except for thosemail delivery times). 

She is a furrow spider of the genus Larinioides. I can't find too much about furrow spiders but I know that they hunt at night and are nocturnal orb weavers. They make a new web (after digesting the old one) every single night. They look ferocious and I think I would be upset if one bit me. But I don't think they are dangerous. I hope.

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