Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Sinking Bobhouse

We drove by Webster Lake in Franklin, New Hampshire before the storm that never ended last week. By law, fishing shacks on lakes have to be brought in by April 1. But this year the lakes are thawing much earlier and many of the shacks (or bobhouses as they are called here) are sinking. The state has issued warnings and now say they will help you bring your bobhouse in if it is in danger of sinking. Many people and vehicles have fallen into lakes this year.

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  1. Oh-oh--hope no one drowned or drowns.

    Our ice is going out early too.

    What's in chili if not beans? That would be good for me, since I can't eat beans and otherwise like chili!

    (And I LOVE sprouted grain bread--it's SO rich, moist and sweet (with no added sweetener.)

    ha ha the word verification is sproot! REALLY!

  2. Wow, that's scary! I can't remember ever having a winter as cold as this year so I'm surprised that the ice is melting sooner up there. It has been a strange winter for sure.

  3. Things have been cold in my part of CT, but the snows have mostly danced around us with heavier snow fall north, south, east, and west. What snow we've had has quickly melted. I always enjot snow photography, so I feel cheated, but now I'm starting to long for spring. That fishing shack looks very lonely.


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