Monday, March 1, 2010

My World: CL&P to the Rescue

I finally got to the grocery store in New London (New Hampshire) today and saw this Connecticut Light & Power truck that had driven all the way from Connecticut to New Hampshire (probably a five hour trip) to help the over 200,000 homes that are still without power after that five day winter storm last week. The crew was in a restaurant having a well deserved meal. I hope they got it for free. I heard on the radio that crews have come from as far away as Michigan.

We drove around today and saw trees that had blown over and roofs partially blown off of houses. The rivers and brooks are very high and water has pooled and frozen in fields. We have a lot of snow here, but to the west near Vermont there was hardly any snow at all. The damage in the middle west section of the state is still heavy, though. Many schools in many sections of the state are still closed. We had three snow days and a delay today.

I offer my thanks to all of the crews from out of state that have come to help.

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  1. I commend these crews for having such a good heart and sharing their time & skills. The world is a better place because of them. :)

  2. It's scary to see destruction caused by the weather in your place. I'm lucky to be in a little island which has no natural calamity like this. Take care and keep yourself warm.

  3. We were without electricity for a little over three weeks after a severe ice storm last winter. Out-of-state crews played a large roll in finally getting power restored. I don't mean to denigrate their hard work and long hours, but they and the companies for which they work are well compensated financially.

  4. Great to see you here, Andree. I am glad CL&P made it up the road to help out. I didn't realize the storm was as bad as that there. I hope all will be well soon.


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