Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bement Covered Bridge #14

source: New Hampshire Covered Bridges:

Location: One quarter mile north of the intersection of N.H. Routes 103 and 114 on the Bradford Center Road in Bradford. The bridge spans the west branch of the Warner River.

Style of Bridge: Long truss
Year of Construction: 1854
Original Cost: $500
Structural Characteristics: The bridge is 60'6" long with a clear span of 53'9". It has an overall width of 19'3" with a roadway width of 16'2", and a maximum vertical clearance of 13'2". It is posted for three tons.
Maintained By: Town of Bradford
World Guide Number: 29-07-03
New Hampshire Number: 14

Historical Remarks:
This is the third bridge at this location. Tradition has it that Colonel Stephen H. Long, a Hopkinton native and a member of the U.S. Army Topographical Engineers, built the bridge entirely of hemlock. No evidence was found however to support or dispute the claim. Much of Colonel Long's bridge building experience came from his employment with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. While working for the railroad, he developed a plan for a new covered bridge truss that became nationally known as the Long truss. Long patented his design in 1830. In 1835 and 1837 he patented improvements to the design. The town extensively rebuilt the bridge in 1947. The bridge was closed in March 1968 and repaired by the state in 1969 for $24,478.14. One-third of the cost was borne by the town. Vehicular damage to the bridge was repaired in 1987 by the state at a cost of $2,000. A cracked floor beam was repaired by the town during the winter of 1989-1990. The Bement Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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  1. As always, your work is beautiful, and I appreciate being able to come see it. Have a wonderful day, A.

  2. That is a nice looking old bridge. We still have about 300 in the state.

    There is one relatively close to us.

    It is painted white but was built the same year, as I recall.

  3. These are great photos. Love the inside of the bridge, and the ones of the rushing water.


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