Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Eastern Painted Turtle

Chrysemys picta

This girl was one of three that was crossing the road. She was the only survivor by the time John saw her, stopped, and brought her to the safety of the ponds at home. She either already had laid, or was ready to lay, her eggs. She moved very, very fast. John put her in Pond 3.

NH Conservation Status: Not listed
State Rank Status: Widespread and abundant.
Distribution: Throughout state, less common in northern New Hampshire.
Description: A 4-6 inch turtle with a smooth carapace and light lines running across the back (created from the straight rows of the large scutes on the back). The head and neck streaked with red and yellow stripes. There are two yellow spots behind each eye.
Commonly Confused Species: None
Habitat: Wetland areas with an abundance of vegetation and basking areas such as shallow ponds, marshes, bogs, slow-moving streams, and lakeshores. Often seen basking on partially submerged logs or rocks in large groups.
Life History: Nest usually close to water’s edge in sandy or loamy area with open canopy. Typically 5-8 eggs are deposited in shallow, excavated depressions. Up to 2 clutches may be laid in a year. Hibernate in mud bottoms or under submerged logs.
Conservation Threats: Road mortality, increased abundance of subsidized predators (e.g., raccoons), collection, and habitat loss & degradation.

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  1. He is really very beautiful and your photographs of him are wonderful. All the same, having admired him, I think I prefer furry pets :)


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