Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ice Jam on the Missisquoi River

Ice Jam on Missisquoi River - 06 by you.

We had a big thaw this week followed by rain today. This created floods and ice jams in rivers. These are photos of the ice jam today on the Missisquoi River. It flooded the road.

Ice Jam on Missisquoi River - 05 by you.

The warm air over the snow and ice creates beautiful mists.

Ice Jam on Missisquoi River - 02 by you.

Ice Jam on Missisquoi River - 01 by you.

Missisquoi River Set on Flickr

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  1. We've also had a warm up down here in Brattleboro but I haven't heard of any flooding yet. I, too, love those mists that sit on surface when the air and water are different temperatures.

  2. It was feeling warmer here (Wells River), but that apparently has passed. The Wells River is right out behind our house, and swelled a bit, but nothing crazy.

    Great pictures!

  3. You really do have more ice and snow than we have but then most of what we had melted after it got warm for several days but more snow is supposed to be on its way for later today. I like your pictures. They certainly give a vivid look at what your days are like.

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