Sunday, June 1, 2008

Camera Critters: Holstein Calves

Curious little calves that were napping in the sun.

But after twenty-something shots they turned their backs to me!

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My other Camera Critters post is about a disagreement between geese.

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  1. I love them my childhood days ..sandy

  2. Gotta love cute calves. Great pictures! I love that they're looking right at you and then get bored and turn away. Animals are so funny.

    Great Camera Critters shots!

  3. 20 shots is about 19 more than my son would ever let me take before he turned away!

    beautiful photos

    is there a little fence or something between them?

  4. I love these cows! (by the way, one of my nicknames is Moo...)

  5. Yup - I've seen many, many calves, but each one is still just as cute or cuter as the others ;-) LOVE this post.

  6. They are so cute! Beautiful shots.

  7. These adorable critters are the featured capture of the week :-) Their cute little faces will be on the CC blog until next Sunday.

  8. They are gorgeous; great pics! Hope you have a chance to stop by and check out mine for today!


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