Sunday, May 18, 2008

Camera Critters: White-tailed Deer

I was driving on my bird road when I saw these two does far off. They stayed for a long time while I took photos. But this photo as they turned to leave the field was more engaging than the others. Taken with the Kodak and a 10x optical zoom.

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My other Camera Critters post is a wild turkey.
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  1. Great shot!

    My ex used to work at a place that made licenses for hunters... Part of which the hunters would pin to the back of his coat.

    One year they had to scrap what they had done and start over because who ever had ordered that year's design had made them be white... meaning they would look exactly like that deer's tail! Whoops! LOL

  2. GREAT capture of my second favorite animal! (Dogs are my favorite, of course)

    You doin OK? I sent you an email and didn't hear back - I've been thinking of you.

  3. looks like there having a great time, nice shot

  4. What a great catch! They are beautiful!

  5. Great photos. Deer are such beautiful creatures.

  6. Great action shot of two beautiful does!

  7. What beautiful, graceful animals--I think your picture captures that!


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