Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sky Watch Friday: What The Beaver See

The view of my house (white, on right) from the top of the flume at the top of the beaver bog.

From the same spot, with some zoom, the Duquette Barn, down the road from me. The beaver bog is known locally as Duquette Flats after the bachelor farmers who lived at that farm in the early years of the 20th century. If you click on the photo to view it full-size, you can see, on the left of the photo, the old shed at the top of the main beaver dam and part of Doyle Road.

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  1. These are very nice photographs. I wish it were possible for us to have beavers but not possible. There would be too many people opposed to them building anything here.

  2. I just love photos like these. They look look so peaceful it just makes me want to sit and look at them.

  3. Lovely place! Lovely animals! I almost forgot the sky!
    I wish I could movo to a place like that some day.

  4. Beautiful place!
    Great pictures! :)


  5. What a lovely area you live in. Thanks for the little bit of history too. MB

  6. Beautiful, to say the least!! I love that part of Vermont!

  7. This is another set of photos that make want to just step into them and be there! I really do enjoy seeing them.

  8. OK, we need to do this:

    BLS: Beaver Lovers' Society. Or SLB, Society of Lovers of Beavers. Nah. BR. Beavers Rock. SMABLISYAB: Show me a beautiful landscape, I'll show you a beaver.

    Your bog is gorgeous. This photo is so very rich.

    I will go for a walk tomorrow and get a portrait of our little ol' beaver bog and post it in solidarity with this rich image. With any luck, granddaddy goose will be doing his impersonation of a weather vane atop the beaver lodge!

  9. What a beautiful place to live:)

  10. Nice series, beautiful color photos and incredible.

  11. Oh! those Beavers have great views... and so must you.. really enjoyed my visits your way this week... and this Sky Watch is like the icing on the cake... have a great weekend.

  12. Seeing your photos I just sigh and say ... wish I could be a beaver!

  13. Andree, you live in such a beautiful place. I know we have our own brand of natural beauty here, but a beaver bog just sounds so darn perfect! lol

    I happened upon a quarter section of swans hanging out in the rain today. And discovered a new bird (wish I would have had your zoom with me to identify it. It's beak reminded me of a kookaburra, and I can't think of what it could possibly be!) We were also treated to a dive bombing by an owl today, so it was a pretty good wildlife day, overall, just no beaver bogs!

  14. So vast and peaceful, and the info was prety good too.

  15. Everything is so beautiful near your place, I love this landscape.
    Great skywatch.

  16. Well you certainly have a beautiful peaceful and wonderful place to live
    Great photos

  17. What a fantastic view you have from your home!


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