Sunday, April 6, 2008

Signs of Spring: Geese in Beaver Bog

Photos are at full 10x zoom
My pair of nesting Canada geese are back!
(That link takes you to lots of info on my other blog.)

They have been here at least 24 hours, so I am pretty sure this is them.

The golden grass you see here is a hummock of the type that they will eventually nest on.
It will remain above water, giving them great views of incoming predators.
Mom will brood the eggs and Dad will cruise the waters, ever watchful of sneak attacks.
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  1. How familiar views in this your blog !
    Even beaver nest is quite near our house, but we don not have yet geeses here, swans have come already, although lakes are still frozen.

    We have also snow still even these last days have been quite warm, it is melting in big rush now.

    I wish you a good week!

  2. That is so very cool. This may be a stupid question, but are there any beavers in Beaver Bog? Do you ever get photos of them?

  3. Hi Kris: Yes, there are beaver there. And otter, moose, deer, all types of birds. I see the beaver but have never gotten a photo because they are out at dawn and dusk and my camera isn't good enough for that.

    I'm so glad you dropped by and asked!


  4. Hooray! for the return of the Geese. My geese arrived about 3 weeks ago or so. I'm pretty sure she's already nesting as only one has been coming for bread now. If so, we should see goslings in l3 or 4 weeks!

    I've never gotten pictures of my beavers either, at least not one that's very clear!

  5. Spring can't be long now! Great photos.

  6. The best way to get a shot of beaver is a bit involved, I understand... if their lodge and their "impoundment" or flooded territory are stable and intact, they have no need to be "busy" working, so they don't. So they will only forage for food. But since beaver also store foodstuffs inside their "kiva", whyu go to the grocery? So trappers used to perturb them into emerging by damaging their lodges or dams! NO GOOD TRAPPERS!!!
    Anyway, since THAT isn't kosher, the only real way is to WAIT the beaver out, not FORCE him out.

  7. Lets hope snows gone now, captured well.

    Come and be welcomed by my Duck with open wings.

  8. Great geese photos ... so it seems when seeing them around it's like they are opening way to Spring?


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