Monday, April 7, 2008

Common Snipe Video

I have never posted a video on this blog before. But the common snipe has some habits that deserve to be seen. Photographs will be coming this week, so be sure to come back. And for Sky Watch Friday I have a very, very special photo that I took today (not a snipe)! Anyhow, now that spring is here, all sorts of animals are appearing again. The snipe was here in the yard all day on Sunday and I took about a hundred photos of him! I hope you enjoy this three minute silent video (he made no sound at all). Every summer there are at least two snipes at opposite ends of the beaver bog. They talk to each other all day long. I am so glad they are back.

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  1. quite interesting...have a nice day!

  2. The bird behaved as if no one were around.

  3. Your snipe video is fantastic! I get the common snipe and the woodcock every year but mostly only get to hear them. If you a very patient you can find the snipe as it dives out of the sky making the whirring noise and I might get to flush up a woodcock but not often. Thanks for the great pictures and video! I wouldn't be happy if hunters took my birds!!! :-)


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