Sunday, April 27, 2008

Odd Shots: The Last Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped chickadees were the main visitors at my feeders all winter. They were so much fun to watch that I miss them now that the feeders are down. This was the last series of shots of a chickadee that I took this spring. The chickadee is holding a sunflower seed in its "toes" while it cracked open the shell. When she was done, she flew off for the summer. I barely see any chickadees now since they live nearly invisible lives in the woods. But I hear them all day long. This "odd shot" of the chickadee taking off in flight is my thank you to the little birds for my winter of bird photography. When clicked, these photos will open, full size, in a new window.
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  1. I just love these little birds. They're so active and sometimes very feisty.
    Wonderful that you had feeders during the winter.

  2. great photos! I have a feeder right next to my kitchen window, love watching the birds!

  3. Goodbye chicjie. Too bad you won't see them in the summer--only hear them. I can watch their antics all year round. MB

  4. Far too cute. I love ffeding and photographing the birds. These are lovely shots.

  5. Great captures.. all three of them.. but the one which shows it opening ythe seed is very good


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