Friday, April 18, 2008

A Herd of Herefords (I Hope)

On my way through Barton today, I stopped to photograph the Herefords that are always grazing in the village. I think they are Herefords — if they aren't, please tell me so that I don't look foolish. As soon as I stopped the car, they began to come to the fence from all over the pasture. The second to the last photo of the red cow shows her scratching her neck on the barbed wire. When clicked, this photo will open, full size, in a new window.



  1. Hi Andree, These cows look like they are ready for some spring grass!
    My cattleman DH says the top cow in a Black Baldy, which is either a SimmentalXAngus or HerefordXAngus.
    The others could be HerefordXSimmental or simply Simmental.

  2. What gorgeous faces! I hope they are as gentle as they look. By the way, I loved your photo of colts foot from yesterday. I expect you know that the name 'colts foot' comes from the shape of the leaf which, as I remember comes after the flowers have bloomed. It's a long while since I left England.

  3. They're pretty friendly ... the cows I know always run when they see me with a camera!

  4. Oh, these are nice shots. You've included so much detail and I love that you can see the hairs and texture of them, but I'm in love with their expressions!


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