Monday, April 14, 2008

Friday Fractal on Tuesday


On meeyauw, I usually post a fractal, fractal flame, fractal article or activity on Friday Fractal. I never got around to it this past Friday. I enjoy making flames when I am tired. It is very relaxing. I particularly like this one and decided to post it here. It was created using Oxidizer on a Mac. I have a Flickr Fractal set here. These flames make great desktop images. If you like, feel free to grab it for yourself. If you would like the image full resolution (2560 x 1600 px), leave me an e-mail address in the comments (or e-mail me) and I'll send it to you. Let me know what resolution you require and I'll adjust the image for you. When clicked, this image will open, full size, in a new window.

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  1. Nice image. I really like the colors.

  2. That's very beautiful.
    How do you make it?

  3. I love it. Very nice.
    I have missed visiting you for awhile. I don't know why. You have a wonderful blog full of interesting things.
    Such lovely churches in VT. May I borrow your latest? MB

  4. Andree, it's not fair making tough questions ... I know what sort of taste papaya's have but to describe it ... sweeter than mango, softer ... maybe sweet melon with something else ... not easy, you know. Sorry.

  5. Lovely creation. Amazing to thing this is just a series of numbers!

  6. Now that's putting things to the harder side :)
    One of these days I'll have a mango photo posted!
    Just for you.

  7. Can you eat a fractal?

    Does it taste anything like a mango? ;)

  8. I'm sorry, Kris! Quint had a post about papyas on his blog with a beautiful photo. I told him I don't know what they are, never saw one, and he responded here. I went back to his papaya and told him how NOBODY here knows mangos (we had to stop using a math problem that had mangos in it because of that), so he wrote back here again.

    Thank you for coming!

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who draws stuff to relax and not just for show.. I can scribble away at times and lose myself. Never tried this before I try doing bubbles or glas balls.


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