Friday, March 21, 2008

Sky Watch Friday: Good Friday Blizzard

We had blizzard conditions all day today. School was not canceled (nobody seemed to believe it would be this bad) and several cars and a school bus went off the road (everyone was safe). By this afternoon when I drove home, the storm was lifting to the northeast but the weather was still treacherous, which can't be appreciated in any photo I took. This is the peak of Barton Mountain from the northeast. I live on the other side of this peak.

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  1. Your photos are always spectacular - even in blizzard conditions!!!

    Stay safe and warm, my friend!

  2. Hello there Andrée
    WOW that sounds bad.. just glad everyone was OK. This is a great Sky Watch picture I can catch a glimpse of blue on the top of the mountain..
    Thank you for linking to Sky Watch.

  3. Great Sky Watch picture in blizzard conditions!
    Happy Easter.

  4. An excelent photo under weather conditions that certainly made the task a little bit harder ...
    Easter Greetings.

  5. Here in Connecticut we panic and cancel school even if it might snow! We're not so daring. That looks like quite a storm. There is a silence about your photo that is stunning.

  6. Wow, I would have hated to be caught in that! Love that old barn.
    It was a beautiful sunny spring day in Georgia.

  7. Spring is here, I'm done with blizzards. We have snow tonight in NE Ohio. Happy Easter.

  8. Awesome picture - glad everyone is safe. We're supposed to get snow this weekend yet in the U.P. so I feel for you. Spring may be here chronologically, but it's annother month off for some of us in reality.

  9. Your a brave one to get out in a blizzard to take a picture. It is awesome.

  10. Snow again, brrrrrr, great skywatch. We have have some snow too, it is the coldest Easter since 40 years. Take care and Happy Easter.

  11. Ohhh brrrr. We have snow from time to time but seldom like that. Great shot. MB

  12. A beautiful photograph. I don't like the snow but it works on this picture. I mean to say I am ready for spring.

    You can see a map of where I live on my brookville blog and how I plan to spend some of my royalty check.

  13. Thank goodness noone was hurt. Do drive carefully on the roads, does look dangerous AND freezing cold.
    Have a good week ahead :)

  14. I'm afraid winter is not over yet in Vermont or in Ontario. But every once in a while I do get a glimpse of the the spring that's coming. I hope you do too!

  15. Beautiful photo. It's amazing how ugly the conditions may get, it always puts out some terrific pictures.

  16. Thank you very much for your visit very kind comment.
    I know how terrible the winter storms can be. But believe me, spring is around the corner.
    It's in the air:-))
    Postet some picture from my Easter Monday hike along the Lake Ontario.
    Cheers from Canada,

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Two or three months ago, I might have been envious. But now, I'm quite ready for the spring. You captured the cold very well in this photo. **slurp!** Mmmmmm... (taking a sip of hot coffee)


  19. WOW! Sorry about the blizzard but it made a great skywatch Friday shot!

  20. What were you doing on the OTHER side of the mountain from your home in a blizzard?!!

    The things you'll do for a fabulous shot! lol

    I love the mood of this shot. The warmth of the different colors and breaks in the clouds are a great contrast to the flying snow! Well done (as usual).

    Stay safe please!


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