Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Last Day of Winter on Barton Mountain

This is my first genuine panorama made in Photoshop Elements from two photos from the back of my house shot late this afternoon. Spring does not begin until Thursday, but tomorrow and Thursday we are having another snow/freezing rain storm, so I won't be going out for anymore photos until Friday.

Foreground, my lilac bush. Between the lilacs and house are the storm-scarred clotheslines. Little tree to left of house: the bird tree. Across the road: the beaver meadows (Duquette Flats). We still can't use that back door but the snow is now below the bathroom window, but not below the window on the far right.


  1. So you took two photos and photo shopped them---hmmmm---I haven't tried that--well I haven't tried anything before, but I will.
    For people like myself who don't see snow too much it is just beautiful. Thank you, MB

  2. Page two....I mean you put the 2 photos together. I like the idea but have to learn about it. MB

  3. my daughter gave me a little lilac tree for mother's day a few years ago because she knew it was my favorite. she looked everywhere for it and found only one. it was sickly looking and the place was planning on throwing it out so they just gave it to her. so i planted my little stick and the first two years it produced nothing but the last two years I get an extra little branch. this week the tiny little buds are finally emerging here in the bay area of california. (not missing snow in the least!)


  4. This is a great work with Elements.
    Nice view you have.

  5. Well done for the work you did with the pictures.
    I have not seen anything like that amount of snow for many many years here in Hyde. I opened this up and zoomed in and saw the many icicles on the roof edge... again we don't see them as well now.
    This is a great picture and I enjoyed looking at, and over it.

  6. wow, all that snow,what a fantastic sight,but wouldnt want it with me.
    Great job on the photos too.

  7. Looks like you will have snow for a while. I hope your snow melts. We got rain for two days and now they say snow to follow for two days.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  8. Good work on the panorama!

    I did enjoy your comment on my Montreal Imax photo.

    You said: ``Love this. But I question taking just one, even if you got what you wanted. What if something had happened to the shot in the camera? What if something happened while you transferred it? What if what if! I think you took a huge risk here. So I am glad it arrived here safe and sound!''

    My answer: Yep, that was two years ago and I would PROBABLY not be willing now to tempt fate (or technology) by taking just one shot.

    I'd take a second shot - even on another camera!

  9. very nice photo. my husband is from bennington vt. we still have family there thank you for your comments on my blog

  10. I tried to open the pic, but got a weird message. You know I love your photography!

    I can't tell what kind of tree the bird tree is. Is it outside the kitchen window? We still don't know if we have any lilacs. We have to wait for Spring -- THAW -- before we will know what is growing here. Your snow looks about as deep as ours. Still above your boot tops if you venture out too far. Any beaver still in the meadows?

    I can't believe you put two pics together for this. I really need to learn Photoshop. This is great.


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