Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Single Impression: The Water Cycle

Heart's ice bends me low
Spring melts
My luminous tears
Dried by life's sun

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  1. Greetings from Juneau, Alaska!
    Beautiful photo and poem.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. I love the luminous tears (but am glad they are drying).

  3. This winter, I found myself wondering to what extent our trees owe their shape to the snow. The role of the sun in shaping them is easily understood, but the snow.... Who talks about it.

    Beautiful poem and picture.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  4. The weight of snow and ice is seldom thought about but that stuff is way heavy. We had almost no snow this year and last year we had record amounts. We had so many broken tree and downed limbs---not to mention our power was out for over a week because of said snow. Moving poem. MB

  5. Your poem has so much meaning and emotion. :)

    My daughter lives in Brattleboro, VT. She has been posting lots of snow pics on her blog, too. What a never-ending winter you seem to be having.

  6. You've taken an interesting image and captured an idea in words wonderfully. "Dried by life's sun." Awesome line!

  7. Very interesting take.

    I wrote a post on snow and trees after my OSI post!

    insanely inconclusive

  8. Beautiful photo and poem. Right now I feel kind of stuck in the heart's (and winter's) ice phase.. and amd look forward rest of the cycle/circle of melted and drying tears. I can see that tree waiting to spring back and blossom. Gives me hope.

  9. beautiful in word and photo....

  10. -Yes, winter is just a part of the whole; for some that is a good thing! Thank you for the prompt this week.

  11. Lovely words! Many of my shrubs didn't survive the winter and the ground is littered with broken branches. Hope the sun is healing.

  12. Perfect poem for the end of a long winter. Lovely photo, too!

  13. Beautiful words and photo. Do you think this tree comes straight up again?

  14. really like your post..water cycle... your ku portrayed it so well... here in the inland nw of idaho the winter was more intense than usual..looking outside my window an old old bush was bent with the weight of snow just as you spoke...thank you for speaking for clearly of what i saw..

  15. Your pic, for me, shows that chill has a softness, a gentle beauty.

    Lovely words with the pic!

  16. This is so beautifully expressed. It touched me on many levels. I'm glad it ended on a note of renewal.

    Your words are so expressive that they don't need your great eye and artistic photography, but they are striking when combined.


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