Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lens Day: Icicles On Metal Roof

Icicles On Metal Roof
photo of my barn taken this week

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  1. I wonder what there is about the rust on your roof. Under that cap I am betting the wrong nails were used and they rusted? I see things like this and wonder and then try to imagine a solution. I know the solution for the icicles. Sunshine. Lots of sunshine. I hope we have a normal summer here in Ohio this summer.

  2. This is a real good shot.. the colour of the barn, the snow and or course the rust.. fantastic shot.

  3. excellent shot. the red, the icicles, the contrast---great. MB

  4. I wish my browser would cooperate and open these pictures. There are so many elements captured here that I want to explore. I love how evenly spaced the icicles are -- they almost look fake! lol I love the white of the trees continuing the line of the icicles. Well done, as always.

  5. Nice.

    Great Picture of Shed.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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