Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yet Another Jay Peak View

With the ever present power lines. Unbelievable.
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  1. Would you like to borrow my wire snips ;) Beautiful picture. . . even if the mountains are not green.

  2. oh really really beautiful, what a lovely scene

  3. I laughed at slim's wire snips comment. I like your photo a lot. And it is true that you find more bear can pull tabs using a metal detector than anything else. I guess power lines are just another form of blight on the environment.

  4. I can see right past the lines now.. we are used to seeing these and pylons dooted around our hills... and now we are having 'Wind Farms as well. This is a beautiful view made nicer by the frostiness and the icy water.

  5. Love this shot.
    snow and icey waters thru the woods.

  6. What a beautiful photo......power lands and all!


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