Monday, January 14, 2008

My Woods and Brooks

I am indulging my love for my land today. On Sunday I was able to get higher into the woods than last week. The January thaw has done damage to our snowpack, but on the brighter side, I was able to have an early peak at spring. The brooks are running full, even flooding at some points. I saw deer, snowshoe hare and turkey trails.

I love to sit and listen to the music of the water as it flows.

The cats still won't go up with me. They waited down at the house, sunning in the open garage.

Do you see the green fern above?

This is one of the glacial erratics on my land. There is another group of them with caves underneath for small animals. I couldn't get up to those.

Finally, I left the woods and returned down to my house. This is the most beautiful and peaceful place on earth. The snow is finally back. A small snowfall today and a heavier snowfall at the end of the week. The temperatures are returning to normal, also. When clicked, these photos will open, full size, in a new window. Thank you for allowing me to indulge myself with these photos.



  1. This is a perfect set of pictures for all the reasons you took them. In the details I see the clothesline post is about to fall down. LOL.

    You need to read about Charley. I think you would enjoy it.

  2. i look at your photos everyday, theyre truly beautiful and really give my day a great kickstart. your blog is so interesting, i love your receipes. Best wishes, Tuppence

  3. Ahhh, "By a Babbling Brook".

    Just beautful Photos.

  4. I love your brooks and the photo of your house is grand! Such a lovely place to live!


    Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

  5. I wish I lived there! I'm jealous!!! The second photo was my fave!

  6. Your house, your land and your pictures are all very beautiful... what views and sights and sounds must there be on your doorstep. How I envy you, but pleased you are the kind of person who likes to share.. for that we must all be so greatful. I look forward to seeing more of this beauty and how it changes by the seasons.


  7. Thanks so much for sharing these! Wow....what an absolutely beautiful place to live!!
    I love to hear the water running too!!!


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