Saturday, December 1, 2007

Barton Recycling Center

Off May Farm Road (also called the Dump Road) is the recycling center. We bring glass, metal, plastic, cardboard and newspapers here on Saturday. No hazardous materials until the annual Hazardous Materials Day. The center used to be open only on the first and third Saturdays of each month except in the summer when more hours were required because of the summer people. But after Town Meeting in March it was decided to open it every Saturday.

The area was improved so that the two men who man the center could have shelter from the weather. But it was 5°F (-13.3°C) this morning and they had no protection from that. I ran into a teacher from my school here this morning. We are both excited about the probable snow day we will all have on Monday when a big storm will dump a predicted 14 inches ( 35.6 cm) or more of snow from Sunday night to Monday night.

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  1. If it drops 14 inches of snow I imagine there'll be a big backload of recyclables at people's homes for a while.


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