Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chokecherry Blossoms

Chokecherry Blossoms-3.jpg
Prunus virginiana



  1. Such a clear, clean photo. I have never noticed chokeberry here, perhaps I need to be at a higher altitude.

  2. Thank you, Nellie. I'm especially proud of this photo because it is straight out of the camera (SOOC). Go here:

    I think you have it. It is all over the woods here, but like at the woods edge everywhere. Bears love them. We find piles of bear scat (PILES) under each tree. And deer droppings. It makes going out there when the cherries are ripe a bit tense. The cherries make great jelly. We tried it last year but forgot to adjust for elevation so it never jelled in the jars. We froze half of the juice. We still need to make jelly from that! It's been way too busy.

  3. oops. that link, i see, won't work. so go to:


    enter Prunus virginiana in the scientific name search box on the top left. then pick the first one that comes up. there is a fact sheet available (PDF or doc). if you scroll down, you will find the distribution map. the distribution is only reported sightings, tho, so it isn''t necessarily accurate.


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