Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Azure: First Butterfly of 2011

spring azure- (2 of 2)
Spring Azure butterfly (Celastrina ladon form marginata)

Every spring I chase the first azure butterflies around like a madwoman armed with a camera. It never works. But I have learned more and more about butterflies over the past couple of years. They can feel your vibrations as you walk, so tip toe. Very, very slowly. Yet you don't usually have to go far. Butterflies sip moisture from the soil and will return to the same spot if you disturb them. Just standing quietly with infinite patience can give you good results. I finally photographed my first azure! My identification was confirmed by bugguide.net.

spring azure- (1 of 2)

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  1. Nice shot, the butterfly looks different from the ones we have here but I'm sure you have many others there too.

  2. Thank you, Dick. There have been two others: mourning cloak in april and another one two days ago. Yellow. Missed it! :0(


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