Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Last Redpoll

Common Redpoll (1 of 22).jpg
Carduelis flammea

I think this is a hoary redpoll but I can't be sure. Everything in my photo database at home and on Flickr says it is a common redpoll, so I'm sticking with that. I know I have misidentified some of the redpolls, and I was just reminded of it in my reading last week. This is as bad as the hairy/downy woodpecker thing. Someday I will sort them out.

What I do know is that these are the last of the redpoll photographs for this season. These photos were taken April 15. The redpolls stayed longer than I can remember this year. And many others have reported the same thing throughout the state. Bridget Butler (her Bird Diva blog is here) thinks they were staging here in Vermont before flying north home because of the heavy late snows.

Common Redpoll (2 of 22).jpg

Common Redpoll (9 of 22).jpg

Common Redpoll (19 of 22).jpg



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