Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Uncommon Wonder of Vermont Woodlands


Dalibarda repens

We found this very special, small plant at the Willoughby Bog. There were dozens of them growing along the trail. The leaves are shaped like my geraniums. Each plant had one bloom growing from the middle. Using my photograph of the sign on the trail that lists the flora that grows in the bog, I quickly found that this is an uncommon, native wildflower of the Rose family. In fact, this plant is labeled as threatened or endangered in six states. The US Department of Agriculture calls this robin runaway. It is also called false-violet, robin-run-away and dew-drop. My Vermont wildflower book says that it is a "somewhat uncommon wonder of the woodland" in Vermont. You can easily overlook it because it resembles, if you don't pay attention, strawberries in bloom. It is not threatened in Vermont.

The endangered species for Vermont can be found at http://plants.usda.gov/java/stateSearch. .. To find your state, go HERE, select your state, and then click "display results" at the bottom of the page. There are 5,694 plants on the threatened and endangered list for all of the US and its territories. Vermont has 166 plants that are in peril. I am excited that we found this plant. Below are two more photos that show more detail. The PLANTS Database is an invaluable aid to studying flora in the United States.

Dewdrop (2)
Dewdrop (4)


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