Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Find the Carolina Grasshopper

Carolina grasshopper
Try to find the grasshopper in the photo.

Carolina grasshoppers (Dissosteira carolina) are the huge, flying grasshoppers that you may see the last half of summer. They are found in "most of 48 United States except southern Florida, southern Louisiana, southern Texas, southwest Arizona, and bottom 2/3rds of California." (bugguide.net) They fly with huge black wings and you may have thought they were a big butterfly or moth. When they land on the ground, they seem to disappear because of their camouflaged coloring. They have been very difficult to photograph because they can feel the vibrations of you walking to get close to them. It took weeks, and a long 250mm lens, to capture this photograph.

Carolina grasshopper (5)


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