Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Heron in the Cove

Great Blue Heron (72)

Ardea herodias

One of the herons spent an afternoon in a cove in the bog. I took the tripod down across the road to get as close as possible. Of the dozens of photographs I took, I have chosen these photos because of their interest for me.

Above and below: you can easily see that the upper bill and the lower bill of herons are two different colors. The black upper bill camouflages the heron from predators looking down at it from above or looking at it from the side.The yellow lower bill also camouflages the heron — from the fish. They think the yellow is the sun and don’t swim away, which gives the heron an opportunity to catch and eat them

Great Blue Heron (63)

Below: I like the water drop on the end of the heron’s bill.

Great Blue Heron (62)

Below: I’ve never seen a fluffed-up heron before. It had shaken itself off just before this photograph was taken. I assume this is some grooming need that herons have.

Great Blue Heron (65)

Below: more water drops from the heron's bill after it had tried to catch a fish.

Great Blue Heron (40)


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