Sunday, September 12, 2010

Macro Monday: Crab Spider on an Ox-eye Daisy

I didn't even see the spider until the photograph was in the computer. I like these lucky finds in my photos. Of course, if I had better eyesight, I might see more outside! Thank you for dropping by — may you all have a wonderful week.
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  1. Fantastic photo. I've done that many times. Taken photos without realizing there is some sort of insect on them until I upload them to the computer. This macro is so well styled.

  2. What a beautiful shot!
    That little spider sure lives up to his name. He looks like a teeny crab. :)

    Carletta's Captures

  3. A bit of serendipity! Great find!!!

  4. i like a little white spider. so girly.

  5. Lovely! Isn't it fun to be surprised?" Cathy

  6. I like those little surprises, too. Beautiful shot!

  7. Great shot! I'm always amazed at the cool things the camera manages to catch that the eyes never see. Have a wonderful week!

  8. Great shot !
    I also miss a lot of things outside and see it first when I got the pictures up on the PC :)

  9. Hey there, neighbor. Not sure how far away you might be but the NE Kingdom is only up the hill and around a few corners from me :) But, really, can't we pretty much find all of our neighbors in Vermont like that?

    Wonderful capture. Don't you just love finding special little surprises when you take that closer look on the screen?!

  10. He's wonderful! what great eyes you have!


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