Saturday, July 3, 2010

PhotoHunt: Open

Unidentified white butterfly

UPDATE, July 28, 2010: now identifies this as a geometer moth. I should have realized it was a moth.
But a geometer moth? I never would've known.

"Adults usually have slender bodies and relatively large, broad forewings, often crossed by thin wavy lines; females of some species are wingless or have flightless atrophied wings when at rest, many geometrid moths hold their wings away from the body and flat against the substrate (in contrast to most noctuid moths, which tend to fold their wings over their abdomen); some species/genera hold their wings in a characteristic position such as: flat & at right-angles to the body, or inclined 45 degrees above horizontal, or vertically over their back like a butterfly forewing cubitus vein appears 3-branched; hindwing subcostal vein bends abruptly downward at base.

Larvae generally have only two pairs of prolegs (at the hind end) rather than the usual five pairs in most lepidoptera; the lack of prolegs in the middle of the body necessitates the peculiar method of locomtion, drawing the hind end up to the thoracic legs to form a loop, and then extending the body forward"

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  1. What a lovely capture this is! The sun appears to be spotlighting your little subject!!!

    My entry is here:

  2. what a beautiful capture! Such a pure shot.

  3. aloha kim

    very cool shot of that gorgeous butterfly, love the interpretation of this weeks theme. thanks for sharing

  4. Wow, the wings look so soft :)

  5. A gorgeous shot! Have a great day! :)

  6. I love this shot. I see little white unidentified butterflies in my garden a lot but don't know what their name is.


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