Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This Is Not the Doomed Village Moose

Another moose showed up a week after the first moose showed up. We thought the first moose was the young moose from the village that was being pesky, but we were wrong. It was another moose. And on April 27, it returned from the May Pond area and went back up Barton Mountain via our land.

It cracks me up that moose stop and look before they cross a road. But they only look one way!

It was a beautiful, misty morning when he showed up. The road is Route 16 as it drops down into Barton Village. It has since been repaved. The huge barn in the background is the historic and ancient Duquette Barn.

In the Barton Chronicle last week, there was another article about the pesky young moose that was in Barton Village. It was shot by the game warden because of it's odd behavior. However, no blood tests were done to determine if it was sick. That moose was killed before this moose showed up on our land, so they are not the same moose.

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