Monday, April 26, 2010

Red-tail Hawk

Now that we have moved back to northern Vermont, we see more wildlife than ever. In one week, we've seen beaver, otter, moose, deer, hawks, heron, ducks, geese, fox, weasel, raccoon and many species of birds. Every morning John and I sit together at our computers on the sun porch. While we caffeinate and compute, we can watch the beaver bog activity. One morning last week one of the hawks sat on a dead tree in the beaver pond. He was just beyond the reach of my lens (which is why I need a longer lens!) but I managed to get the shots here. I always enjoy catching a hawk as it takes off in flight (below). They have shaggy pants that are simply beautiful. I had to ask John to step outside and shoo the hawk away so that I could try the shot (the hawk seemed to want to sit all morning!). It worked!
Buteo jamaicensis

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