Monday, March 8, 2010

My World: The Eastman Falls Dam

For Friday's SkyWatch, I posted a photograph of the Pemigewasset River in Franklin, New Hampshire. If you are interested, you can click that link to see the photo. I was standing on the river bank and looking to my right down the river for that photograph. When I turned to the left, the Eastman Falls Dam can be seen.

The dam is now owned by the Public Service Company of New Hampshire.

"Completed in 1901 by B&M Railroad and redeveloped in 1937 by PSNH, Eastman Falls Hydro is located on the Pemigewasett River. Power generation is controlled so that river inflow is always equal to outflow. The site has a picnic area developed jointly with the Franklin Chamber of Commerce.
  • Turbine/generators: 2
  • Unit 1 turbine horsepower: 2,650
  • Unit 2 turbine horsepower: 6,164
  • Total generating capacity: 6.4 MW
  • Max. gross head: 35 feet
  • Reservoir volume: 2,170 acre-feet
  • Reservoir size: 467 acres
  • Dam height: 27 feet"
(source: PSNH)

Above: An undated postcard of the Eastman Falls Dam

One more note: Above you see the electric substation on the ground above the dam. After I fell into the Merrimack River with my Canon DSLR camera, I decided it would be wise to buy a waterproof camera for kayaking. One day while John drove, I played and practiced with my new Olympus Tough 8000 camera and got this shot of the Eastman Falls Substation as you see it here (my post for this photo is here). Pretty good for a random shot from a speeding car!

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  1. This is a very interesting post about the falls damm. I love the old postcard!

  2. Oh what a beautiful day to explore the dam! Great pictures from your new camera!

  3. Very interesting post, and your photos are great!!!!

  4. Great shots of the dam and water falls.

  5. Andree: Wonderful post with the neat information from the dam. It is a great to make power.

  6. Great shots, Andree! Years ago when my husband, Vinny and I went canoeing I fell in - I didn't have my camera with me though. Ha!

  7. Wonderful shots of the dam and very interesting narrative too. I like the way you showed us the structure as well as the beautiful falls created by the dam.

  8. I wonder what the world will do if the electricity goes off?

  9. Nice shots! I love old and new comparisons!!! Fun!!

    all that POWER!

  10. I enjoy watching water fall over a dam. I think I can hear it from here. Neat postcard too!


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