Thursday, February 25, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Snowstorm

We've had this weather for two days now. This photograph was taken Wednesday morning. The sky actually was this color all day. Until it got darker about 2pm. We had a foot of very heavy snow (31 cm) yesterday and flooding rains today. This weather system will end with a few more inches of snow tomorrow. There has been no school for two days now.

Below are the white birch trees near the drive in the early afternoon. It was snowing so heavily that the photograph looks grainy and black and white. About 3pm, the tree on the left was bent so low that it blocked the drive. But John convinced the trees to drop the snow, and neither tree broke.

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  1. Pretty bad snowstorm, eh? Keep yourself safe and warm.


  2. And now it's raining! What crazy weather! Love these photos!

  3. That's alot of snow you have, but very pretty! It's snowing here tonight too.

  4. wonderful photos, the trees are so beautiful covered in snow. Personally though I've had enough snow for one winter...

  5. Isn't it depressing ? such a lot of snow ! I think this winter will never end !

  6. I love the snow so much. this year in the UK we have had the longest fall of snow ever recorded...and I loved it. We had another little fall two days ago, though it's thawing again :)

    Your photos are beautiful and, once the snow has gone, you can marvel at the resilience of the slender Silver Birches... and the colours of the evergreens will make your eyes pop after looking at such a monochromatic landscape over the period of the snowfall :)

  7. That is one impressive snow storm. It's difficult to do anything when it's like that except take photos! I like the contrast of the trees and snow.

  8. Gorgeous but I don't envy you at all. I'm getting sick and tired of snow and winter. We have some sunshine here today.

  9. Pretty pix! They look BW! Are they color?

    It looks a lot like that here right now--we're having a storm. But not many bent over birches here.

  10. Looks as if you are snowed in! Beautiful snow, but I hope it melts in a hurry.

  11. I sometimes tend to agree with some of the comments above... after some time, the beautiful looking scenes with all the snow can become a bit depressing.. and you'd want the snow go just go away exposing the beautiful colors of nature!

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