Saturday, February 27, 2010

PhotoHunt: Daily

A macro of one of the blossoms on an African Violet. I used a +4 Promaster close up lens filter. I bought this filter set because I can't afford a macro lens. I'm pretty happy with the results. The lens filters do soften images, so I can see a time when I will want a real macro lens for crisper focus. Daily play with my camera and filters keeps me sane during the long winter days when I am stuck inside.

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  1. THat is such a beautiful sight. It's so good to see rich colours in winter. Happy weekend

  2. Incredibile color. So nice.

    Yes the Snow Geese are amazing. Last year's count was close to 100,000. There doesn't seem to be as many this year or maybe they are somewhere else. they are fun to watch and very noisy.
    I hope you find the ones in Vermont.

    The ice in the river is amazing to me. We never see anything like that here. Nice blog you have. MB

  3. The close up lens filters are almost identical to those I bought in Japan in 1953 and still have and use. I have two sets. One I bought in Japan and forgot I had so when I bought the last Canon Rebel I bought another set of two or three for a lot more money at the local camera store. And when I got home and put one on I remembered the others and got them out. So I use the 2x and 4x most of the time screwed onto the 18-55mm lens that came with the camera. I can get close enough that the lens touches the subject. Usually making them fly away. I think you did good. I don't own a close up macro lens. I use the lens I told you about with one of the two close up lenses I screw on.

  4. Very, very beautiful. Thanks for telling us how you got there. That is a beautiful universe right there.


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