Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wood Frog

I learned quite a bit from John while photographing this tiny frog. We had been having problems on each hike photographing wood frogs. If we captured a wood frog, they hopped about so quickly in John's or Wingnut's hands that I couldn't focus properly. And they are so quick as they hop away from you on the ground that I could never get a good photo.

On this hike, John stood off to the side of me and the frog and took its attention away from me and on to him. In this way, the frog thought that John was the one to avoid and ignored me. I was able to crawl on my knees very close to him and got many good shots (see the link to the wood frog set below). I would never have thought that this would be possible with a frog. I actually had to make very small movements to persuade the frog to change position so that I could get varied shots!

Rana sylvatica

Love these feet!

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