Friday, November 27, 2009

Shaggy Ink Cap Mushrooms

We found this area of shaggy ink cap mushrooms growing at the dump. They are fascinating. They are both edible and used for ink. The photo above shows the group of them. As you scroll down you will see the various life stages of the mushroom, from when they pop through the sand until they mature and turn into inky blobs.

Coprinus comatus

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  1. they are NOT edible for most people, because you cannot consume alchol for two or three days after eating. What happens is a drug interaction! The risk is honetly not worth it. Stay away.

  2. The Shaggy ink cap is fine to eat with alcohol. The Common ink cap is not.

  3. I thank both anons for their contributions here. But I say nobody should eat any of them unless they are expert. Identification is a tricky thing. Thank you both again.


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