Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Atlantic Blue Crab

Callinectes sapidus

These edible crabs have many names: a male crab is called a jimmy or channler. Mature female are called sooks. Immature females are called a sally or she-crab. A mature female carrying a brood of eggs is called a sponger or sponge crab. A mating pair of blue crabs is called a doubler. At low tide, off of the pier in the salt marsh, we saw people with nets and buckets. We wandered over to see what they were doing. A boy allowed me to photograph his bucket of blue crabs. John looked for some, but they were all captured by the time we got there. Perhaps we should've gone to the fish market and bought some and told the family we caught them for their supper! Below, you see John at the place where folks were catching crabs. The house we were staying at is directly across the marsh on the left.

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