Monday, August 24, 2009

One Single Impression: Allow

Tobacco Hornworm Larva (Manduca sexta)

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  1. A natural inevitability to this one. nicely done.

  2. The garden has a way of showing us how small we are. Thanks for this reminder, Andree. Good to keep in mind as the school year begins!

  3. The words, and the macro sized image complement perfectly... A very insightful and wise message you convey, in the garb of nature's perspective..

  4. Just think how wonderful it will be to see the metamorphic of this beautiful creature.

    ... this is what I say to women that are called fat --- be like a caterpillar, go inside your cocoon, and when you shed your skin, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually --- it won't matter what you were, because what you will have become is someone you can love, regardless!

  5. Andrée, one worm won't retire the gardner! I didn't know hornworms until I looked them up (the other night). We have tomato hornworms around here.
    Nice thoughts, logical but unexpected end line.
    BTW, a few years ago we spent a three night at a B&B at Lake Sunapee. We had a good time! I enjoyed your bike ride post.
    I lived in Manchester for three years in the 60's. I used to ride my Vespa around your hills, once we camped on a lake near Mount Kearsarge. Then I got transfered to Texas (NASA).

  6. You have me chuckling with this wonderful little piece.


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