Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

When I first started visiting John in Wilmot I noticed many tent caterpillars in the trees. As we were planting the garden yesterday, we saw this one crawling in the thatch nearby. John complained that there were a lot of them this year and I mentioned that I had thought there were fewer than this winter. Now I realize that of course I don't notice them anymore — the caterpillars have left the tents and are crawling around.

These are the gypsy moth caterpillars. You can read more at these links:

Malacosoma americanum

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  1. It's quite a while since I have come across any caterpillars, and any that are hairy are very rare for me to come across. I am hoping that now I havewrote this I will come across some.. :O)
    I aslo loved the Gentle Hands post below.

    I have Greenfinches on both blogs today: My blogs: Wiggers World and Pictures & Words

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