Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Black Bear

Saturday, May 16, 2009 about 2:30pm, another and different black bear showed up behind the house in the little field behind the break of tamarack and willow. We are debating if it is bigger or smaller than the first bear. Matt shot the video from outside the back door. Of course, I was not home. The baby geese hatched and bears are tramping all over my land. They do this when I'm not there. Of course.

So we are now in a bear corridor. This is probably a male bear either following the first female bear or following another male bear. A female won't follow a male, so this is the same bear or a bigger male. It is probably not the first bear because she saw us and learned that there was no food here for her. She will probably not return in the daylight hours. The muzzle on this bear is bigger and browner than the first bear, also. So no more wandering around the mountainside looking for new wildflower photographs.

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  1. I tell my family that I expect to see a bear and an eagle in my backyard. The possibility of that happening where I live is as remote as a visit from the pope. I would be learly about hanging clothes on that line if I lived there.



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