Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vermont College, Montpelier

I attended a state mathematics meeting at Vermont College in Montpelier on Wednesday. Here is some information on the history of the college, which is a National Historic Landmark, from a plaque in College Hall:

Historic Outline of Vermont College
1834Newbury Seminary
1841Newbury Theological Institute established (later became Boston University School of Theology)
1846Springfield Wesleyan Seminary opened (dissolved in 1868 into seminary in Montpelier)
1849Female collegiate institute added
1865Renamed Vermont Conversence Seminary and Female College
1868Montpelier campus opens
1870Renamed Vermont Methodist Seminary and Female College
1888Renamed Vermont Methodist Seminary
1894Renamed Montpelier Seminary
1941Vermont Junior College
1958Vermont College
1972Vermont College of Norwich University
2001Vermont College of Union Institute & University

Tribute to Newbury Seminary by James Beebee, former Dean, Boston University School of Theology:
"Their's was the spirit of honest inquiry. The spirit of hospitality to new light and truth from any quarter, the spirit of understanding which sees all life is one and that every truth must live at peace with every other . . . a spirit that made a great school."


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